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How ADHD Warps Time Perception: Strategies to Master Time Management

Harnessing Your Neurodiversity Gifts

If you have read some of my other blog posts, you will know that I am passionate about the ways in which ADHD can actually help people prosper in the workplace. From Blooming Possibilities, to enabling Effective and Inspiring Leadership - there are so many ways in which the common traits of ADHD can be harnessed to take individuals and entire businesses to the next level.

However, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that ADHD also comes with challenges.

One of the most common challenges for individuals with ADHD is time management; the ADHD brain tends to focus on the present, making it difficult to plan for the future and manage time effectively.

For those of us with ADHD, it can be an all too familiar feeling to realize that we’ve wasted precious time, become sidetracked by a period of unpredictable hyperfocus, or turned our back - again - on an onerous task.

Mastering Time Management

By diving into the underlying reasons as to why ADHD affects time management, we can identify a number of practical strategies to boost productivity.

The relationship between ‘Time Management’ and ‘Attention Management’

When you break it down, ‘Time Management’ is simply a process of prioritization: Which tasks are the most important to me? Which tasks do I need to complete first? Which tasks can I complete now? Which tasks must wait until later?

Effectively prioritizing time in this way requires our attention; both to thoroughly assess our workload, and then to ensure that we actually progress through tasks according to the priority we assigned to them.

‘Attention Management’, however, is par