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what clients say

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Katerina S. 
Fashion Consultant

"If you have a dream, a big project, a bold goal in a profession that seems to be almost impossible, then Kate is your coach who will guide you to achieve the summit. Since the creative field is a combination of both, entrepreneurial and artistic spirits, Kate's service is for those who want to change their life dramatically, who value their self and plan to achieve a lot through her coaching services.  When I started coaching with Kate, I was developing my new business launch. It was a challenging time to enter new industry and not to play small, I needed a trusted mentor who would inspire me to take all what it needs. I was going to change my work pattern and at the same time to balance it with my creative projects and personal life. What previously seemed a vague feeling, internal contradiction, deep personal pain, this program will transform into constructive goals, that produces inspiring results. 

What I got was a new vision, and new results. Kate coached me to play it big when I transferred to a new stage of my creative business development, where I rule my life, not my circumstances.”

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Aaron F.

"I have worked with other life coaches but none with the ability to read into me the way Kate does.  I find this to be her most valuable attribute as it allows me to get directly on my life path. With other coaches, I would experience frustration feeling as though some key issues were not being addressed directly. Kate gets you present to who you are so you can start moving your life forward.  Since I have started coaching I have experienced shifts in my way of being that have led to life changes.  This doesn’t come all at once, but as with any transformational life-coaching, it can be non-linear and at times unexpected. Kate helps you stay in the context of who you wish to become and is always supportive when life’s upsets threaten to bring you back to your old patterns. I seek the truth in all things going beyond rhetoric and dogma.  I seek to understand the fundamental, underlying reasons of why things are as they are. I am a source of palpable, authentic love.  I work to bring people together with non-judging listening and understanding.”

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Anthony L.
CEO & Film Producer

"Kate is a networking and communication dynamo! Her ability to see the connections among people in her community and put them together has and will continue to produce incredible results in the areas of life that are important to not only her, but her friends, family, and clients to levels beyond their expectations whether it’s in the world of Arts or Business, she always delivers."

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Jim M.

Rising Star Musician 

I was looking for someone who could see what was there and what wasn’t there (me standing in my own way) to help guide me through the noise that I allowed to slow me down from my dreams. I knew there was more for me in my life. I just needed a professional and creative guide to ask great questions and help keep me on track. 

What I valued the most was Kate’s non-judgmental listening for the greatest version of myself and the transformative tools that literally created new neuronal pathways and possibilities. 

The results of me working with Kate was a powerful base to return to when my mind spins and spins, identifying my life purpose, formulating my own words – holding true strength for myself. 

I have witnessed wild creative expansion and pedal to the floor traction towards my dreams. I would tell others that you are standing in your own way and to hire Kate! Everyone could use an angel no matter where you are at in your life’s process. 

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Jason J.
President, The Entertainment Experience

"Kate Peabody is determined, focused and free of limitations. Everything that she has ever said she was going to do she has done and continues to add to the list. Anyone who has the privilege to coach with Kate will experience the unique empowerment she has to offer. She is skilled with both sides of her brain bringing business savvy together with creativity and the performing arts. The point of view from this mix of experience provides an edge for anyone looking to produce results in their life. What makes Kate a powerful coach is that she lives what she coaches and no matter what role she is working in she is being the empowerment others need to be their best."

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Kerri K.
Photographer & Filmmaker

"Before enrolling in the coaching program I had a deep sense of sorrow and fear whenever thinking about my future. Coaching with Kate provided insights I’d never had before because it touches the core of what truly holds one back. The coaching tools I used seemed simple but the questions one has to answer to complete my results game were invaluable in gaining perspective of what was REALLY keeping me “stuck.” 

The results I achieved in working with Kate were groundbreaking for me personally. I was surprised how many times a coaching session became a stepping stone to further advance me in my growth as a parent, co-worker, writer/producer, photographer, and entrepreneur. It was personally challenging myself weekly and monthly that helped me become more intuitive about my own needs, desires, and strengths. What are you waiting for? If you feel like you’re in a rut or just plain stuck this is for you. You believe you understand what’s holding you back until you have a few coaching sessions with Kate and suddenly you see things more clearly and taking the next step is easy. I no longer feel as if I’m walking through mud just plodding along. Thank you Kate for that!”

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Everette H.
Writer, Director, Producer

"Working with Kate has given me a new perspectives on taking my games to the next level as a legendary comic book and film writer, producer & director. Her coaching has inspired my life & I highly recommend her to anyone looking to play full out and live an inspired big life."

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Matt R.
Director & Actor

"I have taken away confidence, clarity, and connection to myself. Her dedication and drive for me to succeed is more than I even had for myself.. And it's a push, but a gentle push.”

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Jeannie P.
Adventurist, Artist

"When I first started the coaching program with Kate, I wanted to be more creative and open with my choices in life without compromising my faith in God. My expectations were brought much higher with Kate’s coaching. I just retired and wasn’t sure you could teach an old dog new tricks. As a result, I have become way more centered in my faith, because I LET MYSELF. I made the time for ME. I found out it wasn’t a selfish thing, rather a growing understanding of acceptance my family and I didn’t need to be the controlling center of everyone else’s life.  Now I let myself laugh and enjoy my daughters, as they have chosen to live. I like myself a lot more and I really look forward to it every day. Kate's coaching is the best gift anyone can give themselves. Whether you are retired, looking for what’s next in life, a career change, or an artist. I say, “go for it!"

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Mark C.

"Kate listens with her memory, intuition, and heart. I possess an affinity for exploring my inner infinity far across the world within the square footage of random outdoor café tables that were destined for me to drink and dine upon them..." Seeking ways to dispel the illusion that people fast forward their few moments of life through, and help them to realize, your purpose here is not in the mirror...”

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Donnie M.
Radio Producer

"First and foremost, Kate is an excellent listener and asking questions that require thought before answering. Her approach was one of compassion and understanding, both qualities high on my list. I was looking for a more clearly defined picture of where I am going in my professional life. Doubts had been creeping in. Kate helped me realize that I sometimes I underestimate my talent and that I should never sell myself short. 

What I got was a much-needed self confidence boost and my path forward came into better focus. Things got clear and I could articulate what lead me to being a happier person."

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Rory H.
Associate Professor

"Kate is amazing to work with. She is one of those people that you meet and instantly know she is someone who will make amazing things happen. Her drive, tenacity, and willingness to stick with something through difficult times (when most others would quit) is what separates her from others.  

Kate's commitment to others around her is inspiring. She has a natural ability to look past her own agenda and really listen to the concerns and commitments of the people around her. It is what has her be successful in whatever she takes on.”

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Lyle W.

"My life went from ordinary to extraordinary with Kate’s coaching! I ended an unworkable marriage after delaying it for nearly a decade and found the love of my life in the process. This seemed impossible to me, but it was incredible how much I got out of the coaching. I also started eating healthier and exercising consistently that gave me more power and freedom. And I let go of old habits, cleaned out the clutter in my mind and embraced my new self with purpose and inspiration. This is a must have for your life! Kate is the best coach I have ever had the honor to work with. Thank you, Kate, for your rigor, compassion, and stand for me!”

Disclaimer: Results vary based upon clients work ethic, attitude, and industry.
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