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I have had the honor and privilege to work with Musician Jim Morgan, a powerful and inspiring artist who keeps expanding his authentic gifts to the world. Here is what Jim has to say about the transformation he has experienced through our process of working together.

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"I was looking for an explosive creative expansion with pursuing my music profession and dream. Kate's coaching is like a partnership, where I got to discover the essence of who I am and what I stand for as an artist, and a humble humanitarian who goes beyond the norm in everything that I create and become.
The questions asked by Kate are meaningful on every dimension possible. Even in the little collection of my life purpose statement, it rocked my world and unlocked a healing within me that I wasn't aware of. It was not only really beautiful, but transformative because the answers came out of me and my purpose became more and more magnified, where I experienced my true source of power.

My dreams came to life through a lens that I now could access and literally examine every second, minute, and every choice I made. Like where I want to focus my time and energy on. This work has unlocked a lot of concepts to me, especially during Covid limitations. However, with every no, there is a yes to something else. And all the work I have done, came from my authentic self expression and art of lasting value, where no one can take that away from me. Music is healing for the evolution of my spirit and purpose. 

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Jim Morgan, a masterful musician, rocks his poetic true form to audiences around the globe. Creating music that pierces the spirit like a painting of wild beauty, he sings the unspoken with a symphony of words that charges a celebration of life that is healing, transformative, and goes beyond imagination. You'll experience the flow of deep vibes that his band Mercury Trigger brings to life. Here's a song from Mercury Trigger's latest album, enjoy!

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