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Harness Your Energy

In my last blog post, I explained how finding unique parts, even the most basic aspects, of a project or task can help you feel much more in control and be able to take that work to completion. In case you missed it, you can read it here →

How to Harness Your Unique Energy

Today I want to talk about harnessing your energy; the uniquely empowering energy that all neurodiverse people experience in some form.

Learning what your nervous system needs - and aligning with it - is a huge part of this process.

What do I mean by ‘learning what your nervous system needs’? This might sound like a foreign concept, but as neurodiverse people living in a neurotypical-focused world, we have been groomed to divorce ourselves from the needs of our nervous systems.

But don't lose hope! There are many ways in which you can rekindle your relationship with your nervous system.

Creating a Healthy Routine

Creating a ‘healthy boundaries’ agreement with yourself and others is a great way to start nurturing your relationship with your nervous system.

Doing this will help you to level-off any distractions that may slip into your space when you are trying to focus on something important to you.

Start by asking yourself: "What do I need in place today that will support my goals in a healthy way?"

Next you should ask yourself: “When is my energy at its best - and at what times?

Armed with this information, you can build short blocks of time into your day; time where you will get laser-focused on a goal. During those times, turn off anything else around you that might be distracting (for example your phone, laptop, etc).

The key is to remain focused without getting pulled or sucked into distractions. Distractions are like shiny objects which the brain wants to lean into. However, in my experience, distractions almost always prevent me - unnecessarily - from achieving the more important things I want to accomplish.

The Benefits of Your New Approach

These are my three favorite quick tips for resisting distractions or ‘shiny objects!'

🌱 Create your Healthy Boundaries Agreement.

🌱 Identify blocks of time where your energy is at its best for working on key tasks and projects.

🌱Turn off/eliminate all distractions during your protected block of time.

Soon you'll begin to understand how being neurodiverse gives you access to new experiences of learning, growing, and be able to use these experiences to navigate difficult circumstances and gain a whole new sense of control. The tools and skills required are often much easier to integrate than your brilliantly complex mind will have you believe!

Learn More

There’s limitless ways I coach my clients to harness their gifts and manage them in a way that really has them show up fully clear and ready to create ideas in a meaningful and healthy way bringing them into full bloom fruition. Clients get inspired with more confidence in what they're up to and truly want in.

If you have any questions about additional tools and skills that can help you avoid shiny object distraction then please reach out. This is my passion - and I'm always happy to help you on this journey wherever you may be.


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