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Finding opportunities our neurodivergent brains will love

In my last blog post, I explored how to harness your neurodiverse gifts. First and foremost, it’s vital to see those gifts as… gifts! That’s why I placed so much emphasis on never apologizing for who you are, not diminishing your own abilities, and the importance of celebrating your neurodivergence.

Today, I want to dive a little deeper and look at what things we can control by focusing on the aspects of any given task that are in our unique wheelhouse of interest.

Finding opportunities our neurodivergent brains will love

By finding a unique, or even a problematic aspect of an issue that needs to be solved or completed, we are able to feel more in control of our thoughts and have confidence in our ability to take that project or task to completion. It's all about finding that piece which makes the project or task interesting to us in some way, shape or form.

It also involves giving ourselves the grace, where appropriate, to take on a challenge when it feels right - when we’re energized in our body and mind. This is our ‘Green Light’ to give ourselves permission to take it on 100%.

Taking on a challenging opportunity can feel immensely rewarding to us neurodiverse folks. Accomplishing a challenge that a non-neurodiverse person may struggle with allows us to celebrate the contributions of our unique brain function.

What might these opportunities look like?

Neurodivergent gifts can make you an excellent problem solver and unique creative thinker.

Creative thinking isn’t only valued in the creative industries and the arts (where your unique perspectives can contribute to truly innovative pieces of work). A neurodivergent person’s ability to think differently also makes them valuable contributors in areas such as software, engineering and data analysis - industries where challenges must be frequently overcome and problems can be mind-bogglingly complex.

But no matter which industry you work in, given time, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you can do - from mapping out your company’s future strategy, to getting creative with social media, to working on a new approach to customer relations.

A better balance for our neurodiverse brains

It’s important to note that these kinds of opportunities might not come around on a daily basis. The key is to recognise them when they do, and confidently back yourself to take them on.

The more we can search these opportunities out, the happier our neurodiverse brains will be. And the happier our brains are, the more willing they are to cooperate when we’re required to work on less desirable projects or tasks.

By better balancing the tasks our brains love, and the tasks our brains tolerate, we can be happier and more productive overall.

Learn more about your neurodiversity

If you have any questions about how to find ways to make basic projects or tasks interesting to your brain, how to identify when something feels energetically right to both your body and brain, or how to create grace for yourself, please reach out. This is my passion and I'm always happy to help you on this journey wherever you may be.


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