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Trait #7: Comfort in Chaos

Neurodiversity Seeds Business Opportunities

In recent blog posts, I’ve been exploring the ways in which neurodiversity seeds business opportunities. More specifically, I’ve been sharing how those with neurodiverse gifts embody certain traits that can make new opportunities Bloom.

You can read the full series in my blog here →

Many of these traits are great examples of how neurodiverse individuals personally drive change through characteristics such as high energy, problem solving and resilience.

But what about those things which we can’t control? How do those of us with neurodiverse gifts respond in the face of chaos and uncertainty?

Why neurodiverse people find comfort in chaos

As a business owner with ADHD, I’ve experienced those times where everything is in a state of flux and it feels like there are challenges at every turn. Yet unpredictability, and inconsistency are not things that phase me. It’s not that I welcome moments of crisis with open arms, but I know that I can cope with them, and that they can even bring out the best in me.

There are a few, closely related reasons why neurodiverse people find comfort in chaos.

Some neurodiverse individuals thrive when they are exposed to the new, the novel and the stimulating - even if these new stimuli are not inherently positive. It might be that they struggle to motivate themselves to complete the ‘ordinary’ day-to-day tasks, whereas the unpredictability of chaos and challenge stimulates them and helps them focus.

Neurodiverse people may also simply feel more at ease in the face of chaos. Everyday routines and ways of working do not always mesh with how a neurodiverse person approaches work. In a chaotic environment where expectations, deadlines and ordinary ways of working are subverted, a neurodiverse person may be less overwhelmed by those things which don’t necessarily come naturally to them.

Finally, those with neurodiverse gifts may have specific cognitive traits such as creativity or problem-solving abilities that really come to the foreground in moments of stress, challenge or chaos. They might not love chaos, or actively seek it out, but nevertheless it’s true that chaos gives their unique gifts a chance to shine.

Food for thought:

🟣 How do you respond in the face of chaos and uncertainty?

🟡 How can you apply your unique gifts in uncertainty?

🟢 What becomes possible when you allow your creativity to come to light?

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Few would disagree that being able to cope with chaos, uncertainty and ever-changing priorities is a desirable trait in the workplace or for entrepreneurs running their own business. However, I hope this article has shed some light on why those with neurodiverse gifts can be especially comfortable, and often work at their best in the face of chaos.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about managing neurodiverse gifts and the unique capabilities they have, please feel free to get in touch. I’m always happy to share my knowledge and I’m passionate about helping people to achieve their goals no matter how big or small.

There are limitless ways in which I coach my clients to harness their gifts and manage them in a way that reveals clear and ready-to-create ideas in a meaningful and healthy way.


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