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Trait #1 Taking a Leap of Faith

Nuerodiversity Seeds Business Opportunities

In my last blog post, I explained how to harness your unique energy with ways you can rekindle your relationship with your nervous system.

Nuerodiversity Seeds For Success

Trait #1: Taking a Leap of Faith

To me, being neurodivergent feels like having superpowers, yet others see it as a disability. I want to try and bridge some of these perspectives in this blog so that it might help others out there better understand how neurodiverse gifts can seed business opportunities which grow into full-bloom-awesomeness that should never be diminished.

This blog entry is the first of an 8-part series that we'll be exploring how our neurodiverse gifts actually gives us an advantage in business or in the workplace. As a successful creative business coach and entrepreneur with ADHD, I often reflect upon the ways in which tenacity, ingenuity, hyperfocus, and other ADHD traits offer a strategic advantage.

The first trait which rings true for me is faith, because I find myself taking risks more often than others and leaps of faith. Perhaps this might sounds scary to some, but to me it’s normal.

How Nuerodiversity Can Empower You

Having 100% faith in myself and my ideas is something that fuels and empowers me to trail-blaze through the ups-and-downs of life I experience along the way.

Sensation seeking, hyperfocus, and curiosity are qualities which most successful entrepreneurs have - and to me it’s no coincidence that these traits and qualities are largely associated with the attention deficit disorder. In fact, several studies have connected ADHD and “entrepreneurial intention”.

From the earliest entrepreneurs to the big-tech visionaries of today, you’ll find countless examples of where taking a risk, having faith in an idea, and acting on an opportunity has transformed both businesses and entire industries. In this way, those of us with neurodiverse gifts - those of us who are more comfortable or willing to take a leap of faith - have an advantage when it comes to driving a business forward.

Risk-Taking: How to Manage Risk Factors

I have faith in my ideas and I think big - but in the past decade I’ve learned how to effectively scale and descale my risk factors. Ultimately, this is a choice I make with each risk taken; I’m weighing up the risks, asking “What are the costs?”, and “What are the gains?”

The instances where I gain from taking a risk are the same instances when I’m being consistently focused on my goals. This is a much bigger challenge for those of us with ADHD, because we need to rewire our brains and learn how to be focused. Crucially we need to understand the “WHY?” or the driver behind that goal.

This is where I see a big differentiation between neurodiverse and non-neurodiverse people. When neurodiverse people understand the “WHY?” behind the purpose of the goal, it’s like rocket fuel. When you’re focused on a goal, and you understand the reason behind it, you’re able to clearly weigh up risk factors before taking a risk.

Learn More

There’s limitless ways I coach my clients to harness their gifts and manage them in a way that really has them show up fully clear and ready to create ideas in a meaningful and healthy way bringing them into full bloom fruition. Clients get inspired with more confidence in what they're up to and truly want in.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about managing neurodiverse gifts and the unique capabilities they have, please feel free to get in touch. I’m always happy to share my knowledge and I’m passionate about helping people to achieve their goals - however big or small.


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