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Hi, I'm Kate Peabody, a passionate advocate for neurodiversity, specializing in ADHD coaching and strategy for entrepreneurs and business leaders. I help empower neurodivergent entrepreneurs and executives worldwide learn how to harness the power of their unique minds, turning innovative ideas into thriving businesses. My approach is rooted in creating a space where individuals can be true to themselves. As one of my clients beautifully expressed, "Kate Peabody has given me the green light to go ahead and do business in a way that is true to me. I have great talents and creativity and the important thing is to be able to name it, normalize it, and know that it's not a bad thing. It just needs space to be named, claimed, and worked with, and Kate Peabody allows that space to happen." 

Are you ready to bloom?

Is this You?
Are you:

My intuition says that you're on the verge of blooming your brilliant idea and you are leaning into something larger than life and that you can now imagine is totally possible. You have a strong desire in your heart that beats each day to your dream and there's just one small piece of the pie that is missing that would make all the difference in the world.

I can help. 

If you are:

I can help. 

You have worked hard, you have achieved many successes, and there is so much more to discover and create.



"What previously seemed a vague feeling, internal contradiction, deep personal pain, this program will transform into constructive goals, that produces inspiring results. What I got was a new vision, and new results. Kate coached me to play it big when I transferred to a new stage of my creative business development, where I rule my life, not my circumstances.” 





My mission is to help people bloom beyond their greatness and love life.

Using The BLOOM Method™️ to help as many brilliant souls as I am able to help break free of feeling:

  • Overwhelmed

  • Stuck

  • Unfulfilled & out of ideas

  • Unable to prioritize and always caught in the ideas stage

  • Out of control

  • Like an imposter

  • Discouraged by their creative work

  • Doubtful they’ll ever achieve their dreams


Because when you are stuck, suppressed, or sleepy in life, you lose sight of the shore, your gifts and your passion. You have a purpose, impact, and legacy in this world.



"I have worked with other life coaches but none with the ability to read into me the way Kate does.  I find this to be her most valuable attribute as it allows me to get directly on my life path. With other coaches, I would experience frustration feeling as though some key issues were not being addressed directly. Kate gets you present to who you are so you can start moving your life forward.  Since I have started coaching I have experienced shifts in my way of being that have led to life changes."





Is this you?

If yes, Let's connect!



"Kate listens with her memory, intuition, and heart. I possess an affinity for exploring my inner infinity far across the world within the square footage of random outdoor café tables that were destined for me to drink and dine upon them..." Seeking ways to dispel the illusion that people fast forward their few moments of life through, and help them to realize, your purpose here is not in the mirror...”



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Position Your Business

To Be An Innovative Leader 

The Economist Intelligence Unit, a global leader in research, surveyed 63% of executives believe a sense of purpose made their company more innovative and 71% felt their staff were enthusiastic about their company's broader goals.

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 3_edited_edited.png

Powerfully Level Up

Your Business & Life

Where You Create The Rules

 Forbes surveyed in 2015, 40% of Global 1000 organizations used gamification as a primary tool to transform business operations resulting in 7X higher conversion rate and in 2019, 79% of employees claimed they gained motivation and purpose at the workplace because of gamified activities.

Fun facts to consider when considering
The Bloom Method™


Fun Fact 1:

58% of companies that know their true purpose, report 10% + growth verses companies with no purpose have a decline in growth according to Harvard Business studies

Fun Fact 2:

Having a purpose makes companies more innovative and able to respond to disruptions.

Fun Fact 3:

Purpose creates a culture that supports innovation 72% according to The Economist Intelligence Unit.


I work with extraordinary clients
in tailored ways

The Bloom Method™ is a five month program and is the most popular, however clients may also choose to work with a specific module of The Bloom Method™️ Program.


I also offer short-term intensive programs like The Focus & Flow module. Let’s hop on a call and explore which option is right for you and how it would bring the most impact for your life and business. 

In The Bloom Method™,
I coach you through 5 beautiful key modules
where you'll learn how to
play, build upon, and create your business and professional life
with more power as you grow. 

B  E  L  I  E  V  E

Module 1:

In my Roots to Rise module,
you learn how to believe in yourself, first and foremost.

L  O   V   E

Module 2: 

In my Focus & Flow module,
you create your life purpose statement,
and learn to love your life again

O  P  E  N

Module 3: 

In my Lies to Love module,
you'll flip the script, opening to new truths and letting go of old lies.

O P  P  O  R  T  U  N  I  T  Y

Module 4: 


In my Empowered Expansion module,
we eradicate your blocks so you can identify and benefit for available opportunities.

M  A  G  N  I  F  Y

Module 5: 

With my High On Life module,
you unlock your BLOOM-Zone potential, magnify your genius and experience the miracles of your elevated purpose.



"The results of me working with Kate was a powerful base to return to when my mind spins and spins, identifying my life purpose, formulating my own words – holding true strength for myself. 

I have witnessed wild creative expansion and pedal to the floor traction towards my dreams. I would tell others that you are standing in your own way and to hire Kate! Everyone could use an angel no matter where you are at in your life’s process." 





About me,
A driven nuerodiverse coach and strategist that helps bring innovative ideas and dreams to life. 


I support successful executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches and producers who need creative breakthroughs in order to excel in their lives and professional endeavors.


Our work together helps you cultivate, create, and expand on what you want more of in your business and in your personal life, all while having fun seeing your ideas grow with flow and come to fruition.


I coach The Bloom Method™ around the globe, yielding game-changing results that BLOOM my clients into having bigger impact in ways they are meant to. 


Applying The Bloom Method™ becomes natural and easy when it comes from your own source of power.


My clients describe me as someone who lives what I coach, bringing business savvy together with creativity. I provide a cutting-edge learning style that empowers and transforms people and their businesses.


I hold a B.S. in International Business, PCC credential through the ICF, specialized in NLP, and I certify coaches in my methodologies.


When I'm not coaching, I am playing with paints, making game cards, practicing yoga, kayaking bodies of water, and snuggling with my cat.


Coach Kate Peabody, PCC, B.S. International Business, A.A. Business Management, and is a member of, and certified by, the International Coaching Federation, the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners. ICF Credentials are awarded to professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession. Achieving credentials through ICF signifies a coach’s commitment to integrity, understanding and mastery of coaching skills, and dedication to clients.

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