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Are you ready to bloom?

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Hi, I'm Kate Peabody

I help successful high-powered folks ready for their next transformation go from feeling flat to loving their next chapter in 20 weeks or Less.


Is this You?
Are you:

  • A coach, entrepreneur, high performer, or entertainment industry creative who is ready for the next best thing?

  • On fire to fully embrace your future and have a hunger discovering  your next path for blazing your next trail?

  • Ripe and ready for a transformation that leads you to having the impact you know you're meant for?

My intuition says that you're on the verge of blooming your brilliant idea and you are leaning into something larger than life and that you can now imagine is totally possible. You have a strong desire in your heart that beats each day to your dream and there's just one small piece of the pie that is missing that would make all the difference in the world.

I can help. 

If you are:

  • Ready to launch your new chapter in your life

  • Have strong commitment and connection to your desires

  • The only thing missing is actually pulling the trigger and making it happen

I can help. 

You have worked hard, you have achieved many successes, and there is so much more to discover and create.

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“What I got was a new vision, and new results. Kate coached me to play it big when I transferred to a new stage of my creative business development, where I rule my life, not my circumstances.” 

Katia S., Award Winning Change Artist


My mission is to help people  bloom beyond their greatness and love life.

Using my BLOOM signature method to help as many brilliant souls as I am able to help break free of feeling:

  • Overwhelmed

  • Stuck

  • Unfulfilled & out of ideas

  • Unable to prioritize and always caught in the ideas stage

  • Out of control

  • Like an imposter

  • Discouraged by their creative work

  • Doubtful they’ll ever achieve their dreams


Because when you are stuck, suppressed, or sleepy in life, you lose sight of the shore, your gifts and your passion. You have a purpose, impact, and legacy in this world.

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“Kate gets you present to who you are so you can start moving your life forward.  Since I have started coaching I have experienced shifts in my way of being that have led to life changes.  This doesn’t come all at once, but as with any transformational life-coaching, it can be non-linear and at times unexpected.”  
Aaron F. Engineer 


Is this you?

  1. High performer

  2. A hunger for creating 

  3. Ready to make an impact that rocks your world

If yes, let's connect!

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Donnie M.

Radio Producer 

“What I got was a much-needed self confidence boost and my path forward came into better focus.”

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Have on demand breakthroughs in your life-place holder


Fun facts to consider when considering
in your toolbox

Fun Fact 1:

58% of companies that know their true purpose, report 10% + growth verses companies with no purpose have a decline in growth according to Harvard Business studies

Fun Fact 2:

Having a purpose makes companies more innovative and able to respond to disruptions.

Fun Fact 3:

Purpose creates a culture that supports innovation 72% according to The Economist Intelligence Unit.


I Work With Extraordinary Clients in a Few Ways.

The Bloom Signature Method is the most popular way people work with me. It is a 1:1 weekly 45 min coaching meeting over 5 months, however clients may choose to work with a partial piece of the bloom signature Program that might be all that is needed for what they are up to.

Let's hop on a call and explore what option would bring the most impact you would love to make.

When we work together, you're going to experience
instantaneous transformation.

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Jim M.

Rising Star Musician

“The results of me working with Kate was a powerful base to return to when my mind spins and spins, identifying my life purpose, formulating my own words – holding true strength for myself. I have witnessed wild creative expansion and pedal to the floor traction towards my dreams.”


Want an inside peek of what my clients and I have been creating lately?



Kate Peabody is a personal development coach for successful executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and coaches who need creative breakthroughs in order to excel in life and business.

She pours her heart into THE FLOW of life and business and is specifically known around the globe for the FOCUS & FLOW Game Methodology.


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