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I have had the honor and privilege to work with Visual Artist Katerina Semenko, a powerful and inspiring woman who keeps expanding her authentic gifts to the world.

Here is what Katerina has to say about the transformation she experienced through our process of working together:


Katerina Semenko

"It’s my second time taking coaching from Kate. And this session has proven surprising results which I would call as magic of Kate’s style of coaching. 


Before the session I was in doubt if I can identify my focus in current business tasks at all. Should it be solely marketing? PR? Producing more engaging content? Adding a new product line to my existing service? 


These are the questions I was swimming around with no luck. During the session, following beautifully designed guidelines that Kate brilliantly suggested, even “meditating” on the clear and powerful concepts and steps that Kate visualized and unfolded, I realized in one instant the very core of all my current need in my business. 


The feeling that I have just met my solution in my subconsciousness which was amazingly simple - NEW PEOPLE! 


I realized that I just need more interactions with new people who are out of my current circle of contacts. 


To put it simply - to grow my entirely new audience, literally to immerse myself into the great flow of communicating with people. 

It was my aha-moment. It was Kate whose talent and techniques opened this door to me. 




I celebrated this moment of beautiful crystallization of what was vague in me to something genius, simple, and with action oriented. And I call it FOCUS. 


After I saw my direction, everything seemed to be natural and manageable to perform. 

That vague anxiety and noise were overcome, and I felt a sense of relief and I felt myself unleashed to act! 


And I call it FLOW! As a bonus - it is magic that happens every time I work with Kate. Believe me or not, but the very next day I got four new hot inquiries and even more new prospects. 


For my type of service it’s a great result to gain from just one business day. I call it MAGIC! 


I have no doubt that Kate will open these new doors of possibilities and empowerment to anyone who will follow her exquisite, powerful and engaging techniques! 


Kate is a genuine Coach and devoted and knowledgeable professional. 


You definitely can relate to her when it comes to finding guiding light in absolute darkness!"

Katerina Semenko consistently lives her truth expressing the deepest parts of her soul and heart by giving birth to her innovative art on a large scale. She is a life change artist who stands for humanity and freedom where she chooses to live the miracles of life. The power and brilliance of Katerina’s work creates movement, inspiration, and expresses a bold purpose used by many businesses throughout the world.  

Katerina is an award-winning digital artist and concept designer in the areas of 3D art, branding design, and creative product concepts. Clients include Audi and Stanford University. She is a recipient of the Audi Award, The Design of the Year IDA and the Gold A’Design awards. 


"My interview about Flamma Dei Project ~ sensuality as sanctity embodied into invisible painting and picture-sculptures. Together with stunning Julia Borovay.

Talking about erotic as existential experience, about digital biology expressionism, about painting of ultraviolet rays, about feeling of being alive, about love on biochemistry level. Please check it out and get inspired!

With love."


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