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An immersive day of creative play hosted by Kate Peabody

May 30th    1-4p CST   $2500

What would life be like when you are clear and confident to express your gifts to the world?        
{Hint: This isn’t about arts and crafts!} 
This is about that suppressed GIFT you keep going back to, but don’t know how to express it in a tangible way that matches your truest self. Maybe you are afraid to fail, perhaps you have doubts and fears, lack of energy, and time is always a factor..
But WHAT IF you had clarity and confidence to succeed? 
This dedicated immersive day is all about YOU and how we use your creative intuition to design a FUN & CLEAR personalized roadmap that will set you up on the fast-tract to successWoohoo!

Expressing Your Gifts to The World Is Priceless.

Here’s the benefits of THE PLAY DAY:
  • You'll gain clarity, peace of mind, and inspired energy to propel you forward. 
  • You’ll have a fun roadmap as a visual to hang on your wall.
  • You’ll celebrate your first milestone with me 2 weeks after your completion of THE PLAY DAY. 

How do you want to IMPACT the world with your GIFT?


This might sound like a loaded question, yet it will become clear and simple when we cut to the heart of it. 


Imagine yourself unleashing a film, completing a song album, writing that children's book, painting meaningful art, or tackling a project for a good cause!


Whatever your gift might be, the PLAY DAY immersive will empower you to take actions with confidence and clarity so you can powerfully launch your gift and make that impact you’ve been wanting to make.


{And btw, we build a customized roadmap that is fun and works into YOUR life so you can expand your expression in many other areas}. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.34.58

"When I started coaching with Kate, I was developing my new business launch. It was a challenging time to enter new industry and not to play small, I needed a trusted mentor who would inspire me to take all what it needs. I was going to change my work pattern and at the same time to balance it with my creative projects and personal life. What previously seemed a vague feeling, internal contradiction, deep personal pain, this program will transform into constructive goals, that produces inspiring results. 

What I got was a new vision, and new results. Kate coached me to play it big when I transferred to a new stage of my creative business development, where I rule my life, not my circumstances.”


Small Strokes


Clarify what you want your unique Gift to be and why.
I will guide you through an exploratory process where we have a deep conversation what you want to create what’s next in your world.  
  • Why do I want to express my creative gift?
  • What difference would it make?
  • What becomes possible when they are expressed in the world? 
This is where we uncover your bigger WHY! You already know the answers within – if you only had a PLAY DAY to kickstart the process!


Together we build a creative 6-month roadmap from where you are now and where you want to be. 
We always create from what empowers you the most and that inspires you. We answer these questions:
1. Where would my gift be treasured most and how would it impact myself and others?
 2. How do I share my gifts in a meaningful way that brings me joy and inspiration? 
 3. How do I make a roadmap that empowers me?


Celebrate your important milestone you’ve made on your Roadmap. 
We gather back in 2 weeks and celebrate your first milestone on your roadmap and discuss other wins and new actions to take. You will use your creative roadmap as a guide to keep moving you forward with confidence and power.


My life altered 14 years ago when I discovered the power of expression through creative and meaningful outlets. I struggled with anxiety, chronic pain, and unfulfillment. I wanted to fill myself up with inspiration and feel purposeful. I left my corporate job, and decided to immerse myself in the world of creative outlets that fed my soul. Today my coaching business is built on the foundation of expression, purpose, and peace where coaching expression is my virtue. Things started to become more clear for me that this was my gift to share, yet there were still steps I needed to figure out to make it happen to ensure I was on the right track!
Step 1. I explored what kind of expression I wanted to create and WHY. I delved into acting, producing, and painting. It was so much easier to succeed with a strong purpose in my heart. 
Step 2. I developed a clear roadmap how I was going to align my expression with my creative gift of coaching. This fired me up to get me moving towards my dreams and visions. (This is not a to-do list!). 
Step 3. I celebrated my accomplished milestone with my support networks and coach. This gave me more confidence and inspiration to make it happen.
When these steps were set in place, I got a whole new experience of myself becoming gifted in different areas I had no idea was possible. In 2013, I created and produced an animation for kids in the hospital with cancer that one an award. This only happened because I had a deep desire to to express the importance of having healing tools available for kids. I was clear about WHAT and WHY I wanted to express this. I went on to expand my creative expression in acting, producing, and today I enjoy painting abstract art. It's truly amazing when listen to our hearts and take a leap of faith to express it!
How would your life change when you got to express your gifts to the world and what impact would it make? 


  • You are excited to express your gifts aligned with peace, purpose, and expression.  

  • You have a great sense of what you want to accomplish and explore with me.

  • You want to feel empowered, confident and inspired as a lifestyle.

  • You have a keen interest in making a bigger impact in the world with your gift. 

  • You are coachable and open to healing elements.

  • You have a strong inquiry about "what's next or what's possible."

  • You are intelligent, creative, eager, and want to have a breakthrough in your self-expression and unleash your gift.

Let's Play!

I'm In!

Framework & Flow

We meet on May 30th from1-3p CST #ThePlayDayZoomImmersive
The Play Day will be recorded for you to keep and you will be getting a personal gift in the mail from me to support our Play Day immersive.  
You will experience love & fun with a safe space to play and express yourself!
Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.37.28

"The results I achieved in working with Kate were groundbreaking for me personally. I was surprised how many times a coaching session became a stepping stone to further advance me in my growth as a parent, co-worker, writer/producer, photographer, and entrepreneur. It was personally challenging myself weekly and monthly that helped me become more intuitive about my own needs, desires, and strengths. What are you waiting for?"



Kate Peabody Lives a bold and powerful life. Dedicated to others transformation through shape-shifting perspectives, creative outlets, and being a humble humanitarian. A high performer who brings to life creative conscious minds that wish to create more meaning in their lives. Anyone who works with Kate, gets unheard of results in their lives and business because they learn how to access their greatness and express it. Kate holds an ACC credential at the ICF ( International Coach Federation), 14+ years mastering transformation, communication, creative works, and leadership distinctions through elite worldwide coach training programs. Kate graduated from Metropolitan State University with B.S. International Business, and an A.A in Business Management, Minneapolis Community and and Technical College.

Fun facts about Kate: When she is not coaching her passion, she is playing with paints, practicing yoga, kayaking beautiful places around the states, and spending time at the city lakes. 

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