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The Intention of the workshop is to leave you empowered to express your creativity through healing that gives you power and play.

In the Access Your Creativity workshop, you will create or expand upon a new creative outlet for you to play powerfully inside of. One which you are inspired by, brings you a ton of joy, peace, and freedom to express yourself with a new space to play inside of and get healing along the way! 
Creativity is your secret ticket for mental health and well-being. The way our brain acts during creativity is similar during meditation, mindfulness, and yoga exercises. They are designed for you to have peace, calmness, and happiness by blocking out external stimuli. 

Being in a state of creativity produces a natural high or feeling of joy and contentment.

Who doesn't want that!?

The act of creating something requires concentration and focus, and multitasking doesn’t work. Some psychologists say the state of creativity is called being in the “flow” where you are so immersed with creating all aspects of performance, that both the mental and physical parts of our bodies, are off the hook!

Katerina S.
Fashion Consultant

If you have a dream, a big project, a bold goal in a profession that seems to be almost impossible, then Kate is your coach who will guide you to achieve the summit. Since the creative field is a combination of both, entrepreneurial and artistic spirits, Kate's service is for those who want to change their life dramatically, who value their self and plan to achieve a lot through her coaching services. 

Anthony L.
CEO & Film Producer

Kate is a networking and communication dynamo! Her ability to see the connections among people in her community and put them together has and will continue to produce incredible results in the areas of life that are important to not only her, but her friends, family, and clients to levels beyond their expectations whether it’s in the world of Arts or Business, she always delivers.

Everette H.
Writer, Director, Producer

Working with Kate has given me a new perspectives on taking my games to the next level as a legendary comic book and film writer, producer & director. Her coaching has inspired my life & I highly recommend her to anyone looking to play full out and live an inspired big life.

Many of us disempower ourselves by fears of failure, indulging in our disbeliefs, and going down a slippery slope of comparing ourselves to others. There is very little space for creativity or peace ☹ inside any of that! It prevents us from having a voice, heart connections, and diminishes our expression, our soul health, and freedom to create.
Abstract Paint

In The Access Your Creativity program, you will:

Discover your zone of creativity

Create a fun roadmap that inspires you to flow with healing possibilities

Bring an area you want healing around

I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does creativity mean to you? 


  • What difference would it make in your life when you are fully immersed inside creativity and experiencing yourself healing?

This program is for you if you are...

  1. A creative and want to expand yourself.

  2. You have a desire to express your creativity, but you are stuck not knowing where or how to start. 

  3. You are an in-the-closet creative and want to come out and play so you have confidence to share and express yourself.

Fun facts about creativity and health:
Abstract Gradient

Kerri K.
Photographer & Filmmaker

The results I achieved in working with Kate were groundbreaking for me personally. I was surprised how many times a coaching session became a stepping stone to further advance me in my growth as a parent, co-worker, writer/producer, photographer, and entrepreneur. It was personally challenging myself weekly and monthly that helped me become more intuitive about my own needs, desires, and strengths.

Mark C.

Kate listens with her memory, intuition, and heart. I possess an affinity for exploring my inner infinity far across the world within the square footage of random outdoor café tables that were destined for me to drink and dine upon them..." Seeking ways to dispel the illusion that people fast forward their few moments of life through, and help them to realize, your purpose here is not in the mirror...

Donnie M.
Radio Presenter

Kate helped me realize that I sometimes I underestimate my talent and that I should never sell myself short. 

What I got was a much-needed self confidence boost and my path forward came into better focus. Things got clear and I could articulate what lead me to being a happier person.

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