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Capture Your Love with Coaching with Kate Peabody Big Creative Life




(A replay is available for all registrants, but the best experience is being there live!)

Lotus Flower Kate Peabody Business Coaching for CEO

If you've been curious about The BLOOM Method and curious about the specific ways it can apply to your business and life overall, now's your chance to experience the power of this work in a mini-taster session. Even in just this intro session alone, you'll learn how to focus on falling in love with your life and business again. You’ll also understand how a deeper dive into either my 20-week program or my 4-week single module program will catapult your transformation.

BLOOM into loving your life again with Kate Peabody!


Kate Peabody Big Creative Life Coaching CEO

In this free 75-minute workshop:


Module 3 of The BLOOM Method, is all about:

Module 3 of The Bloom Method helps individuals quickly identify paths to solutions - and avoid the pitfalls of wasting precious time getting there. It's meant for those who are driven yet feel a bit in the dark about their best steps forward.​

Join us and experience first-hand what The BLOOM Method is all about - and the tangible ways it will transform your process, even in just this intro session. We're interactive in this dynamic environment, so come ready to play!

About Kate Peabody Business Creative Coaching Services

About me,
the Reimagination Expert and strategist that helps bring innovative ideas and dreams to life. 


I support successful executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches and producers who need creative breakthroughs in order to excel in life and business.


Our work together helps you cultivate, create, and expand on what you want more of in your business and in your personal life, all while having fun seeing your ideas grow with flow and come to fruition.


I coach The Bloom Method™ around the globe, yielding game-changing results that BLOOM my clients into having bigger impact in ways they are meant to. 


Applying The Bloom Method™ becomes natural and easy when it comes from your own source of power.


My clients describe me as someone who lives what I coach, bringing business savvy together with creativity. I provide a cutting-edge learning style that empowers and transforms people and their businesses.


I hold a B.S. in International Business, am credentialed through the ICF, a master in NLP, as well I certify coaches in my methodologies. I am truly a product of a gamified life,


When I'm not coaching, I am playing with paints, making game cards, practicing yoga, kayaking bodies of water, and snuggling with my cat.

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