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    Get out of the Weeds & Grow with Flow!


Focus & Flow

In this module you will:

✅ Identify your top 3 roadblocks that gets you stuck in your business.

✅ Discover how roadblocks impact 
your business.

✅ Explore new ways to grow with flow.



"Before enrolling in the coaching program I had a deep sense of sorrow and fear whenever thinking about my future. Coaching with Kate provided insights I’d never had before because it touches the core of what truly holds one back. The coaching tools I used seemed simple but the questions one has to answer to complete my results game were invaluable in gaining perspective of what was REALLY keeping me “stuck.” - Kerri K. 



Kate Peabody is a personal development coach for successful executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and coaches who need creative breakthroughs in order to excel in life and business.  She pours her heart into THE FLOW of life and business and is specifically known around the globe for the FOCUS & FLOW™ Game Methodology and The High On Life Curriculum for Living™. She is the founder of Big Creative Life and clients describe Kate as someone who lives what she coaches and brings business savvy together with creativity providing a cutting-edge learning style that empowers and transforms businesses and personal lives. Kate is credentialed through the ICF, master in NLP, expert at gamification, holds a B.S. International Business, and certifies coaches in her methodologies. When she is not coaching her passion, she is playing with paints, making game cards, practicing yoga, kayaking lakes and oceans, and snuggling with her kitten named Faith. 

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