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We will:
⭐️ Identify the easiest ways for you, personally, to step into peace and switch your perspective so that you operate from every decision and every action. It's a game changer!

⭐️ Uncover the top 3 roadblocks that get you stuck in your life or business. Explore how those roadblocks impact your world and delay your success.

⭐️ Learn how you can use peace to quickly bypass those roadblocks, get unstuck and flow with peace.

about Kate


Hi, I'm Kate Peabody, a passionate advocate for neurodiversity, specializing in ADHD coaching and strategy for entrepreneurs and business leaders. I help empower neurodivergent entrepreneurs and executives worldwide learn how to harness the power of their unique minds, turning innovative ideas into thriving businesses. My approach is rooted in creating a space where individuals can be true to themselves. As one of my clients beautifully expressed, "Kate Peabody has given me the green light to go ahead and do business in a way that is true to me. I have great talents and creativity and the important thing is to be able to name it, normalize it, and know that it's not a bad thing. It just needs space to be named, claimed, and worked with, and Kate Peabody allows that space to happen." 

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