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Access Your Creativity

The Power to Play

The Intention of the workshop is to leave you empowered to express your creativity through healing that gives you power and play.


In the Access Your Creativity workshop, you will create or expand upon a new creative outlet for you to play powerfully inside of. One which you are inspired by, brings you a ton of joy, peace, and freedom to express yourself with a new space to play inside of and get healing along the way! 


Creativity is your  secret ticket  for mental health and well-being.

The way our brain acts during creativity is similar during meditation, mindfulness, and yoga exercises.

They are designed for you to have peace, calmness, and happiness by blocking out external stimuli. 

Being in a state of creativity produces a natural high or feeling of joy and contentment.

Who doesn't want that!?

The act of creating something requires concentration and focus, and multitasking doesn’t work. Some psychologists say the state of creativity is called being in the flow where you are so immersed with creating all aspects of performance, that both the mental and physical parts of our bodies, are off the hook!

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Katerina S.
Fashion Consultant

I got was a new vision, and new results. Kate coached me to play it big when I transferred to a new stage of my creative business development, where I rule my life, not my circumstances.

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Aaron F.
Engineer, Humanitarian

I have experienced shifts in my way of being that have led to life changes. Kate helps you stay in the context of who you wish to become and is always supportive when life’s upsets threaten to bring you back to your old patterns.

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Kerri K.
Photographer & Filmmaker

The results I achieved in working with Kate were groundbreaking for me personally. I was surprised how many times a coaching session became a stepping stone to further advance me in my growth as a parent, co-worker, writer/producer, photographer, and entrepreneur.

In The Access Your Creativity workshop you will ...


Discover your zone of creativity


Bring an area you want healing around


Create a fun roadmap that inspires you to flow with healing possibilities

Many of us disempower ourselves by  fears of failure, indulging in our disbeliefs, and going down a slippery slope of comparing ourselves to others.


There is very little space for creativity or peace ☹ inside any of that!


It  prevents us from having a voice, heart connections, and diminishes our expression, our soul health, and freedom to create.

I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

What does creativity mean to you?

thought bubble (retina).png
thought bubble (retina).png

What difference would it make in your life when you are fully immersed inside creativity and experiencing yourself healing?

This course is for you if you are...

  • A creative and want to expand yourself.

  • You have a desire to express your creativity, but you are stuck not knowing where or how to start. 

  • You are an in-the-closet creative and want to come out and play so you have confidence to share and express yourself.

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Jason J.
President, The Entertainment Experience

What makes Kate a powerful coach is that she lives what she coaches and no matter what role she is working in she is being the empowerment others need to be their best.

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Jeannie P.
Creative Adventurist

 Kate's coaching is the best gift anyone can give themselves. Whether you are retired, looking for what’s next in life, a career change, or an artist. I say, “go for it!

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Donnie M.
Radio Producer

Kate helped me realize that I sometimes I underestimate my talent and that I should never sell myself short. 

What I got was a much-needed self confidence boost and my path forward came into better focus.

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